• Ankle Arthroscopy as an Adjunct to the Management of Ankle Fractures

    Ankle fractures are one of the most common injuries managed by orthopedic surgeons. Although the etiology of posttraumatic osteoarthritis in anatomically reduced ankle fractures is not completely known, several studies suggest that undetected intra-articular pathology at the time of injury may play a role. The purpose of this study is to report the operative findings of ankle arthroscopy as an adjunct to ankle fracture open reduction and internal fixation.

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  • Hard-soled shoe was noninferior to short leg cast for avulsion fractures

    Published results showed weight-bearing as tolerated in a hard-soled shoe was non inferior to use of a short leg cast for treatment of fifth metatarsal base avulsion fractures.

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  • What You Should Know About the Forefoot

    You may be surprised to learn that your forefoot carries and balances nearly half of the body's total weight, and is designed to handle significant force and wear-and-tear.

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  • What Is Trench Foot?

    Trench foot is an injury that occurs when feet are exposed to cold and wet conditions, but it is not due to freezing (as in frostbite). It is one of three types of immersion foot, with the other two types being warm water immersion foot and tropical immersion foot.

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  • 3 Tips to Avoid Foot and Ankle Injuries This Spring

    Foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons, who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries, diseases, and other conditions of the foot and ankle, give tips to those looking to stay active while keeping their feet healthy and injury-free.

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